Google Earth Timelapse is its biggest feature update in years

Google Earth has become a household since its inception 15 years ago. Its main focus has been to create a 3D replica of the world that reflects our planet in great detail. Whether you want to explore a far-away country or your hometown, Google Earth is the answer. In its biggest update yet, Google Earth will now allow you to see parts of the world including the Middle East and North America in an entirely new dimension.

Timelapse in Google Earth

With Timelapse on Google Earth, 24 million satellite photos from the past 37 years have been compiled into an interactive 4D experience. With this, you can watch time unforld and witness nearly four decades of planetary change.

Google Earth Timelapse in action showing progression in Dubai over the years

Google has worked with Carnegie Mellon University’s ‘CREATE Lab’ in North America to make this happen. In doing so, trends such as forest change, urban growth, warming temperatures, sources of energy and our world’s fragile beauty clearly emerged, which can all be explored over time on Google Earth.

Having this source of information and data at our fingertips is incredible. According to Google, this took nearly two million processor hours across thousands of machines in Google Cloud. And the result is here for us to see.

How to access Timelapse

You can access Google Earth’s Timelapse feature starting today from here. Conversely, you can also go to Google Earth and click on the ship’s wheel to find Timelapse on its storytelling platform, Voyager. In addition to access via Google Earth, more than 800 Timelapse videos in both 2D and 3D are available for public use here. You can select any video as a ready-to-use MP4 video or watch them on YouTube.

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